grace-smWhen Gracie Hollaman hears voices urging her to leave home and seek a new life, she begins a journey of transformation and love that will affect many lives in two not so distant Southern towns. Putting her own family-a husband and daughter-and her old identity behind her, she is taken in by an African-American household headed by Mama Toot and Mattie, two strong and accomplished women going through life changes of their own. Gracie begins to paint enormous pictures, first of Jesus and then of angels and fairies on found objects, and both families must adapt to Gracie’s new self and new calling. Through love, faith, humor, and creative expression, together these characters find connections with each other and fresh beginnings in their own lives.

Sufficient Grace brings Southern warmth, wit, and even a touch of down-home cooking to a beautifully paced story filled with pitch-perfect characters and a magical sense of an unforgettable place.